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Weeds loves to support local artists. Check out some of the artists whose glass we carry.


Bob High is a cannabis activist and artist who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

His work has been published in Cannabis Culture magazine, and has been displayed in cannabis dispensaries all over Vancouver. Bob's work was prominently featured in our Weeds Glass and Gifts dispensaries before they were closed down to make way for legalization.

When he's not undermining the established order, he likes to feed his pet budgie bird and party like it's 1999.

Here at WEEDS®, we are proud to continue to promote Bob's artwork going forward. His artwork is displayed in our licensed stores in Vancouver and Sechelt and key elements of his work are featured on our website and branding.

Bob High has been a central figure in the cannabis community in BC for decades and ran the Seed Bank desk at Cannabis Culture from the beginning. Bob is also a renowned Vancouver artist who is responsible for the incredible art in Vansterdam Comix, a 420 page comic history of the War on Drugs and local BC Cannabis Activism, that captures Bob’s original artwork on the subject and the narrative by famous cannabis activist David Malmo Lavine. WEEDS proprietors are featured prominently in the book, and provided funding for the project to be renewed when 10 years of work burned to the ground. WEEDS has commissioned other projects with Bob High, such as the series that captures Don’s vision of WEEDS projected into the future. WEEDS incorporates elements of Bob’s artwork wherever and whenever we can in our marketing and communications to express our brand and share Bob’s fun and unique art style with the world.


Patrick Vrolyk, founder and Chief Beard at Redbeard Glass, handcrafts one-of-a-kind functional borosilicate vessels, sculptures, and devices from his home-studio-garden in the highlands of BC, Canada.

The eclectically clever themes of Patrick's colorful work illuminate galleries and leading culture shops across Canada, which has earned him recognition from artists and connoisseurs alike.

Inspiration lies in spending time as father and husband, cultivating his home, art, and garden with smiling gratitude. Beyond his 160+ educational "The Redbeard Show" Youtube videos, he has received a myriad of awards from multiple bodies. Redbeard thinks it's a privilege and honour to do what he does, reflected in his common comment "GET TO WORK, EH". #gettoworkeh

Check out more of his work on Instagram @redbeardglass


Intoxicated Pineapple started blowing glass in 2015 and hasn't stopped since. Within a year, he began making pipes full time and hasn't looked back.

In his opinion, glass is the most amazing medium he has ever worked with, finding inspiration and creativity through every aspect. He hopes to continue creating glass art for as long as he is able!

Check out his Instagram for some amazing jewelry including glass chains. DM him for custom orders. #glasschainmaille



Leash always knew she would turn out to be some kind of artist, but no medium ever grasped her attention until she started manipulating glass in 2006. The very first time she put a rod of glass in the flame, a calm washed over her. She knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

In 2012, glassblowing became her full-time focus. Leash proudly owns a glass gallery in Vancouver, travels to festivals with a mobile studio and now resides on the Sunshine Coast.

She busts out pipes, marbles and creatures made from borosilicate and her imagination. Every day she's excited to create while refining her skills at this incredible, unlimited art.

You can view more of her work on Instagram @leashglass


Skullfish has been blowing glass in the industry since 2003 and we have observed the continuous acceleration of his refined skill.

Time, effort, and creative thought have transcended his art into mastery. His brilliance stems from exploring creatively with alternative types of glass, alongside collaborations with many other talented minds.

His hand-crafted pieces are elaborate and functional, yet detailed with such fine execution and attention to texture, colour and expression.

You can view more of his work on Instagram @skullfishglass


In 2004 at the age of eighteen, Gibson started melting glass and hasn’t stopped since. His interest ignited a passion for the malleable creativity that fire and molten glass can express.

On the back of his dad’s property stood a camper van and thus situated Gibson’s first studio. The small space comprised of a makeshift bench sat over the sink and although it left little space for standing, it functioned as an incubator for his initial creations.

Gibson has built many glass workshops since then and has ensured to pass his knowledge along to aspiring glassblowers. In doing so, Gibson has performed public demos, taught private classes and has taken on several students and apprentices. Within the community, he has collaborated with many other talented artists, bouncing ideas off one another to create amazing pieces that reflect both styles.

Link to Gibsons Glassworks Collection

You can view more of his work on Instagram @gibsonsglassworks

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