Patrick Vrolyk, founder and Chief Beard at Redbeard Glass, handcrafts one-of-a-kind functional borosilicate vessels, sculptures, and devices from his home-studio-garden in the highlands of BC, Canada.

The eclectically clever themes of Patrick's colorful work illuminate galleries and leading culture shops across Canada, which has earned him recognition from artists and connoisseurs alike.

Inspiration lies in spending time as father and husband, cultivating his home, art, and garden with smiling gratitude. Beyond his 160+ educational "The Redbeard Show" Youtube videos, he has received a myriad of awards from multiple bodies. Redbeard thinks it's a privilege and honour to do what he does, reflected in his common comment "GET TO WORK, EH". #gettoworkeh

Check out more of his work on Instagram @redbeardglass

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