The Weeds Story

WEEDS was founded in 2013 by longtime Cannabis grower and advocate, Don Briere. He has been a central figure in leading Cannabis dispensaries out of the black market, into the grey, and ultimately into legalization. WEEDS operated over 40 Cannabis dispensaries in 6 provinces, exceeding 275 employees. We love to promote our staff who best promote themselves to excel within our company.

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Don Briere standing in front of his Burrard Street Location with Sensible BC banner behind.
Don and Carol looking at half pounds of weed at their production facility.
Early in his journey with Cannabis, Don saw the need for citizens to purchase healthy cannabis in a safe environment.

In 2004, he partnered with Carol Gwilt to open Da Kine Smoke & Beverage Shop on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC, to take the normalization of cannabis to the next level. Just another storefront in your community, creating jobs, paying taxes, and enhancing the community's safety. The store garnered international attention, maybe too much. Four months later, with extensive lineups, every day, and no complaints from neighbours, a gang of 62 police raided the store, and Da Kine was written into the history books in 2013, to realize his dream of reasonable and safe access to cannabis for all, Don incorporated WEEDS and began opening shops across Canada. Don’s wife, Carol Gwilt, would eventually bring her cannabis expertise and help grow WEEDS to the largest and most established dispensary chain in Canada, operating 44 stores across six provinces in the six years before legalization.

Commitment to Quality

WEEDS' commitment to quality is “Tried, Tested, True,” a philosophy applied to every aspect of our business. Previously, all cannabis products had to be;
-High quality; and
-3rd party tested to reveal;
-Potency, and
-Cannabinoid and terpene levels

Carol using her microscope and practicing her tried tested true philosophy.

Today we carefully select the brands and inspect the products we carry to ensure we are offering the best to our customers.

WEEDS contributes positively to each community we serve. It begins with our knowledgeable and friendly cannabis guides, with whom we nurture a culture that creates a positive customer experience. When they join the Weeds family, they receive above standard wages, and benefits for full-time employees. Our stores are clean, bright, and adorned with cool, heady art and glass.

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