Bob High is a cannabis activist and artist who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

His work has been published in Cannabis Culture magazine, and has been displayed in cannabis dispensaries all over Vancouver. Bob's work was prominently featured in our Weeds Glass and Gifts dispensaries before they were closed down to make way for legalization.

When he's not undermining the established order, he likes to feed his pet budgie bird and party like it's 1999.

Here at WEEDS®, we are proud to continue to promote Bob's artwork going forward. His artwork is displayed in our licensed stores in Vancouver and Sechelt and key elements of his work are featured on our website and branding.

Bob High has been a central figure in the cannabis community in BC for decades and ran the Seed Bank desk at Cannabis Culture from the beginning. Bob is also a renowned Vancouver artist who is responsible for the incredible art in Vansterdam Comix, a 420 page comic history of the War on Drugs and local BC Cannabis Activism, that captures Bob’s original artwork on the subject and the narrative by famous cannabis activist David Malmo Lavine. WEEDS proprietors are featured prominently in the book, and provided funding for the project to be renewed when 10 years of work burned to the ground. WEEDS has commissioned other projects with Bob High, such as the series that captures Don’s vision of WEEDS projected into the future. WEEDS incorporates elements of Bob’s artwork wherever and whenever we can in our marketing and communications to express our brand and share Bob’s fun and unique art style with the world.

Bob, Don Briere, and David Malmo-Levine.
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