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Why weeds?

Tried, Tested and True   

To Provide healthy cannabis in a safe environment - Since Day 1.

Then - Our founders used their cannabis expertise to create a quality assurance process they would call Tried, Tested, True.  Each lot of Cannabis was visually inspected using a high powered microscope before it could be accepted.  Picks with visible signs of mould, bud rot, pesticide, bugs - sent away with tips given for the grower on how to overcome the problem.  Samples of successful visually inspected lots were sent to a 3rd party certified lab to determine purity, present compounds and their ratios. 

STRAIN CARDS Compound percentages were printed on a strain card so Weeds customers could get to know their cannabis composition, which ones work for them and why.  

Now - Today it's just as important to Weeds that our customers consume the healthiest cannabis available.  Retailers now purchase their inventory pre-packaged.  The processors must have their cannabis tested and it must pass Health Canada standards before it can be sold to retailers.   Although most licensed processors do a very good job, issues do occur, and that is why    Weeds still employs Tried, Tested, True.  Weeds buys a unit from each lot of flower and pre-rolls we stock to be able to give it proper inspection under a high powered microscope by a cannabis expert.   If it does not meet our standard, it does not go on the shelf.  Period.  If our customers find something they don’t like and we verify it, we provide a refund.  (link to refund FAQ)

Activism -  Past and Present, reported by media around the world (link to media page)

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The founders of Weeds, Don Briere and Carol Gwilt, were pioneers that helped create the path to Canada’s legalization of cannabis. Since the beginning they have advocated for safe access to healthy cannabis for adults.   Although non-medicinal cannabis is now legal, there is still much work to be done to destigmatize and reveal the benefits of the plant.  Weeds takes every opportunity it can to be a voice for a fair and safe system for cultivators, processors, retailers, artists and manufacturers of cannabis accessories and most importantly, cannabis consumers.  

return policy

Weeds accepts returns of unopened Cannabis products within 14 days as long as the following conditions are met:
The product is returned with both the product receipt and the payment receipt;
The duty paid sticker is fully intact, with no signs of tampering.

Note: Open products may only be refunded for contamination, manufacturer defect or recall.  
All glass and accessories are final sale unless covered by manufacturer warranty.   If you have purchased an accessory from Weeds that does not meet your satisfaction, please call or email the supplier directly using the information provided on the accessory packaging.  We’d love to hear about your experience to help us carry only the best and most reliable accessories.  
Vaporizer Battery Tip
Please ensure that your vaporizer battery is clean, properly charged and turned on to enjoy the benefits of your vape cartridge.

Which payment methods do Weeds accept?

IN STORE and PICK UP, Weeds accepts Visa, and MasterCard, debit and cash. 
For online delivery and mail orders  Weeds accepts Visa and MasterCard or call us for an e-transfer request. We process all payments through a secure protocol.

How should I store my cannabis?

The best way to keep your flower fresh is to keep it in a cool, dark, dry place. Light, heat, and moisture will all contribute to a change in the cannabinoids of your cannabis. Dark glass containers protect from harmful UV rays, while letting non-harmful UV rays to penetrate through.
Avoid the following when storing your cannabis:
Keeping the cannabis in a plastic bag.
Keeping it in a container that is too large for the quantity (that means extra oxygen!).
Storing your stash in a sunny place.
Storing it in clear glass rather than dark.
Storing it in the fridge or freezer. Freezing can make your trichomes break off, which drastically alters your experience, and the fridge is a very cool and dark place but there is often a lot of moisture in a fridge.

Is Cannabis legal in Canada?

Yes, since October 17, 2018, cannabis has been legal and available for recreational use.

How much product can I order at one time?

Staying in line with possession laws under the Cannabis Act, a guest of the legal age of consumption may purchase up to 30g equivalent of dried flower in one transaction. If you are purchasing oil or capsules, the equivalence is automatically calculated by our system so you’ll never purchase more than what’s legal.

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