Weeds California Partnership

Instrumental in driving Canada towards legalization, Canadian Cannabis OG’s Don Briere and Carol Gwilt are set to bring their legendary WEEDS brand to California through a partnership with Cali Care Group.

Bred in Southern California, CCG has been operating in the Cannabis space since 2010.  CEO Joe Reed has been dedicated to only partnering with folks that know the heartbeat of Cannabis, not just owners in fancy suits. “WEEDS is a company with an amazing activist history.  CCG is very proud to be helping them enter into the California market and we are really excited about the partnership.”

WEEDS is the original and largest pre-legalization Cannabis retail brand.  They opened over 40 store fronts coast to coast, selling on average 20,000 pre-rolls a week and the first to provide a safe consumption space in the store, “The Dab Bar.”

Don Briere, WEEDS President, is thrilled to be coming to California through CCG. “We’re a family run business with 4 generations of Cannabis farmers. We had the strength to open the stores, the courage to keep them open and the backbone to tell the truth about Cannabis. Sharing the same values as Joe and the rest of the rockstars at CCG made this an easy decision”.

WEEDS products will be available for the first time throughout Southern California by June 1st, 2022 via Cali Care Group’s distribution model.  A flagship Palm Desert storefront for the iconic WEEDS brand is in the works.

With Carol Gwilt on high-powered scope, WEEDS will be cultivating the same clean, quality Cannabis consumers should expect. WEEDS products will be joining CCG’s well curated collection of premium Cannabis flower and extracts from California’s top growers and brands

“For me, it has always been about our motto, Tried, Tested and True.  We do our best to ensure our customers are buying healthy Cannabis from us.  After 20 years of being on the frontline of Cannabis retail, we are proud to stand with groups like CCG” says Gwilt.

Currently WEEDS has licensed two of their original Cannabis retail stores in BC;  Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast and Kingsway in Vancouver.

WEEDS® future plans include expansion into Jamaica and Mexico where Cannabis is deeply rooted into culture and navigating through the licensing process for Cannabis production and the yet to be announced BC farm-to-gate model.

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