Cannabis Winter Essentials

The clocks have turned back and the days are officially getting shorter, darker and colder. Across Canada, folks are gearing up for a rainy or snowy winter. Whatever coast you are on, things are about to get soggy and we all need to prepare! There’s no shortage of blog posts and listicles informing us of the beauty and fashion essential must-haves for the coming season - the best wooly sweaters, chapstick, moisturisers, mittens and whatnot that will keep you warm, dry and on trend into the New Year. That’s your style and well-being covered but what about your pot? Whether consuming for pleasure or for medical reasons, no one enjoys a puff in a torrential downpour or opening up their bag to roll one only to find their papers soaking wet. Very annoying! Fortunately, there are a few ways to get through the next 4-6 months relatively easily. Keep reading to find out our Cannabis Users Winter Essentials. Storage On The Go

Keep your weed supplies neat and dry in a stash tin. Tins are ideal for keeping your flower, papers, lighters and other cannabis accoutrements in one place and can easily fit in a handbag, laptop case or even a coat pocket. If you are looking for something even smaller or something to keep on your person so your ready to roll, paper tins that hold a single pack of papers are available from both Raw and Elements. For those of you that take the extra prepared step and roll your joints before leaving the house, the Med-Tainer contains enough space to stash some joints as well as some extra weed and accessories. Added bonus - Med-Tainers are made from medical grade materials, come in a variety of cheery colours and are airtight, waterproof and smell-proof!

Discreet Consumption

The temptation to break the rules and smoke indoors in a rented apartment is strong when the wind is howling and you're cosy on the couch. You could have an edible but what you really want is the warm instant high that comes through inhaling weed. There are of course a few work-arounds to this cosy-on-the-couch problem (though we do encourage people to respect the rules of those they rent from!). One of the easiest ways to get away with using cannabis indoors is to switch from herb and to start vaping or dabbing concentrates. Concentrates are heated and vaped instead of burned and smoked like herb. Consequently, concentrates give off less of a smell and leave less of a haze in the air following exhalation. A sturdy vape pen like a Magneto would get you through a Canadian winter. The battery holds 1100 mAh of power, which will be enough to last you all day so you can use it at home and away and the base features a convenient silicone storage container large enough for at least a gram of concentrate. This is a perennial fave around our office, partially because of the ease of use, partially because of the selection of colours available and partially because of the affordable price tag! If you are looking to spend a bit more on your indoor set-up, the ReLeaf electric nail might be worth considering. All you need is a dab rig or bong to connect to the e-nail, set the temperature to your preferred setting so you can control how hot your dabs get and you’re good to go. Super quick, easy and convenient. However, if you are dead-set on sticking with flower, you may want to invest in a Smoke Buddy. The Smoke Buddy allows you to smoke as you please, while keeping second hand smoke away from others as smoke is minimised when blown through the mouthpiece and powerful odours are filtered away. Smoke Buddies come in regular size or a cute pocket size that might come in handy at all those family gatherings over the Holidays!

Staying Healthy

Speaking of holiday parties, with more and more people openly using cannabis, many parties this year will have a bong or two floating around. Think of all the germs that might pass your lips if you stood under the mistletoe all night. Gross. But you probably wouldn't think twice about taking a rip from a communal bong. If this is going to be you this holiday season, save yourself weeks of snotty noses and dry coughs and invest in a Mouthpeace. Made from 100% platinum cured silicone, the Mouthpeace is flexible and a fit with pretty much every bong on the market. Don’t fret; the pressure applied when inhaling creates a completely airtight seal so none of the good stuff floats away. Honestly, if you are a very social user, you won’t regret picking one of these up. For more information about the products featured or to start shopping, visit

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