Cannabis News Archive: October 15 2019

Another week over. Time to recap on what we learned and what entertained us over the past few days!


If you’re a big scaredy cat and anxiously waiting for Hallowe’en season to pass, you may want to start blaming a genetic mutation in your endocannabinoid system for your fear and unease. A genetic variation of an endocannabinoid receptor may mean that a person finds it more challenging to process a fear or move on from a fear, leading to increased anxiety. So far, the study is small but the findings will hopefully encourage further studies on the effects cannabis has on anxiety, PTSD, phobias and other disorders.

Our friends at Skunk Magazine featured an article about us this week. WEEDS has evolved significantly as a business over the past six months and the article helps explains the changes our customers and supporters have inquired about in recent months.Retail stores are just one part of the WEEDS brand and one day they’ll be open again. For now, the focus is on other areas like supporting Canadian artists and selling the best in cannabis accessories and giftware!

Before the month ends, we should acknowledge all the outdoor growers and cultivators who are currently enjoying the fruits of their hard work and patience. You see, October is traditionally slated as when cannabis crops across the Northern Hemisphere are ready for harvesting. Consumers have some reason to celebrate too. Croptober usually means a boost in the amount of strains available for purchase and a dip in prices ….. though it is unlikely to make much of an impact at licensed stores.


Mexico is expected to be the next country to legalise recreational cannabis, after Uruguay and Canada. Last year, the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional and gave lawmakers less than a year to pass rules and regulations for a legal market. The proposed bill was made public recently and stand out proposals include giving licensing priority to low-income individuals, smaller farmers, and indigenous communities. Mexico legalised medicinal cannabis in 2015. Edibles will remain available for medical users only. That’s our round up for this week. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook for daily cannabis news and information!

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