Cannabis News Archive: November 1 2019


Well, it happened. We said it wouldn’t but now we have egg on our face. Someone in Nova Scotia allegedly found cannabis edibles in their child’s trick or treat sack. It appears to be an isolated case and an RCMP investigation is said to be ongoing………..

Freedom Cannabis is reported to be launching its product line in a recyclable steel container called Nitrotin. Unlike most other packaging found in the legal market, the tins will be able to go directly into recycling containers. The decision was made in response to heavy backlash from the public regarding the wasteful packaging most legal products come in. The Alberta based company also hopes it will be a good marketing tool, setting their products apart from others when the tins finally hit the shelf.

It’s no secret that the Ontario cannabis retail lottery is a bit of a shambles.In November’s issue of Toronto Life, cannabis entrepreneur Steven Fry gives his first hand account of opening up a cannabis store through this system. It’s a long read but worth it. Fry weaves a good tale that will at times evoke sympathy and at other times leave readers cringing or frustrated. Steven is now using his expertise to guide others through the lottery process.


Further proof this week that maybe we should pay more attention to those warnings about accidentally or mistakenly consuming cannabis. It was reported this week that a funeral in Germany ended on an involuntary high when mourners were accidentally served hash cake. A number of guests required medical attention after a restaurant employee took the wrong cake from the fridge. That’s our round up for this week. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook for daily cannabis news and information!

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